Waiting for release 3 times + dropping out of the national team… What is the outlook for Korea’s 25th big league comeback? “You just need to increase the blow”

A local analysis came out that Park Hyo-joon (27, Atlanta Braves), who was eliminated from the national team in the 3rd waiting list, would be able to demonstrate competitiveness in the major leagues if he improved his batting.

The Major League Atlanta club announced on the 6th (Korean time) that “Park Hyo-joon will move to the Gwinnett Strippers, a minor league triple-A club under the club.” 

Park Hyo-jun, who drew attention as a multiplayer player for the Pittsburgh Pirates last year, spent a winter of trials after the 2022 season. After being released from Pittsburgh, he was traded to the Boston Red Sox on November 24, and he was released from Boston again after 3 weeks and moved to Atlanta.

Even in Atlanta, Park Hyo-joon’s position was nothing more than a sandcastle. Atlanta put Hyo-Jun Park on standby to put him on the 40-man roster along with the acquisition of outfielder Ellie White on December 29 last year. It was Park Hyo-joon who had to wait for release three times this winter alone. 토토사이트

Park Hyo-jun was able to transfer within a week if there was a club that wanted him, but he did not receive a love call and his status changed to a minor leaguer. Park Hyo-jun aims to re-enter the big league in Triple A in the upcoming 2023 season. 

Park Hyo-joon suffered the pain of being eliminated from the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team due to his uncertain position. Previously, he was listed on the list of 50 people of interest, and said, “It is an honor to represent the country. The WBC has a lot of players from the United States and Central and South America, so there are a lot of things I can appeal to. 

Technical Committee Chairman Beom-Hyeon Cho said, “Park Hyo-Jun currently has no team, so the future is uncertain. He decided that it would be better to use domestic players instead,” he explained the reason.

In the field, an analysis was made that Park Hyo-joon needed to improve his batting ability more than he is now in order to recover. Park Hyo-joon has the strength of being able to play both infield and outfield defense, but his career batting average in his two major league seasons was only .201 (36 hits in 179 at-bats). 

American ‘MLB Trade Rumors’ said, “Park Hyo-joon continues to receive attention from big league clubs for his versatility and speed despite his non-characteristic offense. He can steal double digits in a season, and can play all three outfield positions, first baseman and third baseman,” he said. There will be,” he predicted. 

Park Hyo-joon entered the American stage by signing with the New York Yankees in 2014 while he was in his third year at Yatap High School. After a long minor league life, he stood out in Triple A under the Yankees in 202, and thanks to this, he appeared as a pinch hitter against Boston in the Major League on July 17, announcing the birth of the 25th Korean leaguer ever.

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