When Lee Jung-hoo entered the practice batting… ‘Explosion of interest’ ML Scouts

Lee Jung-hoo, who has warmed up, moves to the batting training range with a bat, and a group of foreigners follow him. Major league scouts.

Although each team belongs to a different club, they have only one purpose for visiting the Kiwoom camp on this day. It is to see Lee Jung-hoo, who is the best hitter in the KBO League and declared a major league challenge after this season.

As Lee Jeong-hoo’s batting practice begins, major league scouts stop chatting and focus on each swing. Scouts filming with video cameras are also noticeable. While scouts from prestigious clubs representing the major leagues, such as San Francisco, LA Dodgers, and Boston, gathered together, more and more officials are looking for Kiwoom camp as time goes on.

Lee Jung-hoo, who had a historic season last year and stood tall as the best hitter in the KBO League. Join hands with Boras Corporation, the largest agency in the major leagues, and aim to advance to the stage of dreams. Although the eyes of major league scouts can’t help but feel burdened, he says that he is now learning his new batting form and focusing all his efforts on winning the Korean Series, which he missed last year. 메이저놀이터

(Interview with Lee Jung-hoo)

“I don’t feel bad because I am applying the changed batting form during practice. I practiced with this form for about two months
Kiwoom was the runner-up last year, but I will keep the past in my heart and prepare well, so this year I will work hard so that the fans can shed tears of joy.”

Kang Jung-ho, Park Byung-ho, and even Kim Ha-seong… Kiwoom brings the stars representing the team to the major leagues. Now, Lee Jung-hoo is stepping out to inherit that brilliant genealogy. As
time goes by, the eyes of major league officials watching Lee Jung-hoo are expected to grow.

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