Will Lee Jung-hoo cause a stir in the MLB free agency market? Why did MLB sources analyze it that way?

Outfielder Harrison Bader (29), who wore a New York Yankees uniform after a trade last year, signed a two-year, $10.4 million (approximately 13.7 billion won) contract ahead of the 2022 season when he belonged to St. Louis. It was a contract responsible for the last two years of adjusting his salary. At the end of this season, he will qualify as a free agent (FA) for the first time in his life.

Joel Sherman, a columnist for the New York Post and one of the major league sources, published a column on the 26th (Korean time) saying that the size of Vader’s contract would be interesting. Injuries slowed him down a bit last year, but Vader has hit double-digit home runs three times, including 16 in 2017. The feet are fast here. He stole 17 bases in 86 games last year.

Sherman evaluated Vader’s past performance as a resource that could have 20 homers and 20 stolen bases if he played full-time. In the case of stealing in particular, he benefits from rule changes starting this year. Major League pitchers have fewer opportunities to check according to the rules than before. In addition, the base is physically larger, which is advantageous for players who run a lot. If so, it is an analysis that it will be able to receive a good evaluation in the FA market.

However, Sherman suddenly mentioned the name of Lee Jung-hoo (25‧ Kiwoom) while evaluating Vader’s value. There doesn’t seem to be much connection between the two players, but Sherman’s story is compelling in its own way.

Markets are living things. Keep moving. Vader’s basic skills alone do not determine the market price. Depending on whether the market is hot or there are no competitors, the value of the same player can change at any time. 토토사이트

Sherman predicted that next year’s free agent market would not have too many sales in the center field market, but if Lee Jung-hoo could be recognized as a ‘center fielder’ by major league clubs, he believed that he would create a significant impact on the market.

“The center field market will be driven by whether Bellinger and Duvall, who signed one-year contracts, revive their careers in 2023,” Sherman said. And whether or not there is a team that planned Korean star Lee Jung-hoo as a legitimate answer (meaning that he can play as a center fielder) is evaluated.’

Lee Jung-hoo is currently playing as a center fielder for his team, Kiwoom. He’s basically not slow on his feet, his range is good, and his batting judgment is excellent. Last year, his center field defense was rated among the best in the KBO League as he caught runners with his strong arm. He was a recognized defender on the field. Evaluations differ on how major league clubs will view his defensive position, but Sherman’s logic is that if there are more teams that say ‘he can play center field’, it can have a significant impact on the market itself.

Lee Jung-hoo It is also related to personal values. The most important thing about which position to use is the circumstances of the recruiting team. If you have a good center fielder, putting it in the corner and maximizing your offense is the most likely method. Conversely, if center fielders are evaluated as being possible, teams that do not deserve center fielders can also jump into the recruiting battle. It goes without saying that the more teams there are before recruiting, the higher the value.

If many teams have already evaluated Lee Jung-hoo’s batting, the defense has room to watch a little more. This is why there is a possibility that Lee Jung-hoo’s defense this year will emerge as a bigger topic than expected.

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