Witnessed a post on the Samsung fan cafe saying ‘I was sued by Kim Heon-gon’

 It has been confirmed that Kim Heon-gon (Samsung) is suing malicious commenters.

This is the second time since the wife of Kim Heon-gon, who could not bear the harsh comments of ‘I will kill my son’ from some fans due to extreme sluggishness last year, declared a complaint. This time, although it is a fan cafe space, it is rumored that it has crossed the line.

This was confirmed through a post on메이저놀이터 the Samsung Lions fan cafe on the 22nd. The fan, who said, “I was sued by Kim Heon-gon,” said that he received a request for attendance by mail from the police. This was triggered by a bulletin board prepared to criticize the players in the fan cafe. He made abusive remarks about Kim Heon-gon on the bulletin board, and it was probably discovered by Kim Heon-gon and conveyed that the complaint was in progress.

In this regard, there are some fans who say, “Isn’t it too harsh for a player to sue a fan?” On the other hand, he said, “Wouldn’t all of this be resolved if Kim Heon-gon revived this season and ate away all the criticism? It is our fans’ idea that we want each and every player to do well more than anyone else.” He also left a message wishing things to go smoothly.

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