Wolpyeong Middle School Coach Park So-young’s Request “To enjoy basketball, start with the basics”

“I want my kids to enjoy sports. In a sport where you have to shoot a lot, wouldn’t it be fun to shoot? To do that, you have to be basic.”

For the amateur basketball team, the winter before the start of the new semester is like the summer for the professional team. Through field training and practice games, they raise their stamina to the fullest and learn a sense of real combat. The same goes for Wolpyeong Middle School in Daejeon. Wolpyeong Middle School went to the Samcheonpo Stove League in mid-January. Currently, he is participating in the Sangju Stove League, which runs until the 18th. 

Coach Park So-young, who was appointed to Wolpyeong Middle School from Daejeon Women’s University last year, said, “Corona 19 is also affected, and our players generally have little game experience. I want to gain a lot of experience in that area, so I am doing a lot of practice matches,” he said, revealing the purpose of participating in the Stove League. 

During this year’s Wolpyeong, 9 players are registered. However, the actual number of people available is only about 6 due to injuries and transfer disciplines. There are even several players who are new to elite basketball. The good thing is that the players who were in the first grade last year, that is, the players who became the second grade this time, have some experience in the game. 

Coach Park said, “There were 6 players who could play last year, and 3 of them were freshmen. The 2nd and 3rd graders were not enough, so the 1st graders had to jump right into the game. Apparently, my friends who had just entered middle school started playing, so there was a big gap in their skills compared to other schools. I have never won,” he said, looking back on last year. 

“Thanks to this, I was very helpful to my sophomores this year. There are three sophomores this time. As 3rd grade Min Ji-hyun holds the center, I hope her 2nd year friends will support her well.”  안전놀이터

Min Ji-hyun is the only third-year player who can participate in Wolpyeong this season. Coach Park said of Min Ji-hyun, “He works hard on dirty work and rebounds, and he is very sincere. He is a third-year student alone, but he is a model captain who reads his juniors well and raises the atmosphere with talking,” he praised. 

At the same time, he pointed out the improvement of the team. Coach Park said, “I want children to enjoy sports. In a sport where you have to shoot a lot, wouldn’t it be fun to shoot? To do that, you need to be basic. There are still many areas that are lacking. Finishing the shot isn’t good either. So, I am starting with the basics, such as dribbling, defensive steps, under-the-goal shots and lay-ups.” 

In addition, he asked the players to come forward with a new mindset. He said, “Since the team only loses, it tends to give up before the game. Winning is awkward. So, we will continue to talk about this. He asks me to write a diary and also orders image training. As a player, it may sound nagging, but I have no choice but to continue to improve. This year, I hope to completely change this mindset.” 

Lastly, coach Park said, “Due to the team’s circumstances, even freshmen have to play as the starting lineup. It will be physically difficult due to the small number of people who can run, but I hope you will do your best,” he said. After that, I will participate according to the situation.” 

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